Textile Folding Solutions


T-Matic-IQ-Label The T-Matic-IQ-Label was developed specifically for the T-Matic-5020. Its electric vacuum generator provides a strong grip on labels while significantly reducing energy consumption compared to pneumatic systems. The system is designed for ease of use, allowing label position to be adjusted in all directions without requiring technical settings. DOWNLOAD PROSPECT DetailsFeatures & OptionsGalleryTechnical Specifications […]


HSPC High Speed Pillow Case turner, a semi-automatic solution for efficient and clean turning of pillowcases after sewing.  The operator pulls the pillowcase onto the two skies in the front, the skies then switch position with a second set of skies, allowing the opeator to feed the next pillowcases, while the HSPC stretches the first […]


T-Stack The T-Stack is a state of the art small piece folding and stacking machine. The T-Stack is primarily designed to process pieces such as napkins, face cloths, bar mops, cleaning mops, kitchen towels, jeans, trousers, pants or any other flat piece with maximum dimensions of 700 x 500mm. The T-Stack can be used as […]


Multifold The Multifold is a simple and durable blanket, flag and sheet folder, which can be operated by either 1 or 2 people.It can process a variety of thin and thick blankets and sheets up to a size of (WxL) 300x300cm (2 lateral and 3 cross folds) or (WxL) 300x600cm (3 lateral and 3 cross […]


T-Fold The T-Fold is a specialized textile folding machine which creates the perfect solution for folding and stacking all kinds of Terry-towels, towels, napkins, floor cloths, thin blankets, table cloths and other flat products up to a size of 120 x 230cm (47″ x 90″). DOWNLOAD PROSPECT DetailsFeatures & OptionsGalleryTechnical Specifications Custom Programs The Kolibri […]


Kolibri The Kolibri is the most compact textile folder in the Dekken family. This user-friendly folding machine requires no maintenance and is powered solely by electricity. A simple power plug is all it takes to fold efficiently and accurately. DOWNLOAD PROSPECT DetailsFeatures & OptionsGalleryTechnical Specifications Custom Programs The Kolibri lets you create up to 12 […]


T-Apparel The T-Apparel is the most advanced, fully automatic clothing folding equipment offering Retail folding quality and the perfect solution for E-Commerce and Return handling. The T-Apparel offers many different folding patterns and meets today’s requirements in the textile-industry. DOWNLOAD PROSPECT DetailsFeatures & OptionsGalleryTechnical Specifications The T-Apparel is able to handle all kinds of folding patterns. After being fed, the item enters the […]

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