The Multifold is a simple and durable blanket, flag and sheet folder, which can be operated by either 1 or 2 people.
It can process a variety of thin and thick blankets and sheets up to a size of (WxL) 300x300cm (2 lateral and 3 cross folds) or (WxL) 300x600cm (3 lateral and 3 cross folds) efficiently.
To ensure precise and rapid operation, The Multifold uses servo motors on both the spreader clamps and the intake bar. 

The Multifold-BT300 features two lateral folds and two cross folds, with the option for a third lateral and cross fold. The lateral folds are created using air pulses, with each fold utilizing double air tubes to provide enough power to fold even very stiff and thick products.The pressure of the second lateral fold can be adjusted between low and high pressure to accomodate a large variety of lightweigth and heavy products. 

The cross folds are created by a knife in combination with reversing belts. After the folding process, the folded products are stacked on the final incline belt using a dropstacker. Once the desired height is reached, the products are transferred for further processing.

One machine 3 operation modes

The multifold can be used in three different operation modes, giving high flexibility to the client.

1. One operato feeds the products to the spreader clamps, which then spread the product onto the intake belt.

2. Two operators independently feed their products to the spreader clamps, which alternate between them.

3. One or two operators manually feed the products, while the spreader clamps remain idle.

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