The Kolibri-IQ-Label is the perfect complement to the Kolibri Folding machine. 

Its smart work principle Optimises the productivity of your outbound processes and enables you to use many different types of bags, like Paperbags, Polybags, Shipping-Bags, etc.

Just like the Kolibri, this Module is designed to be Maintenance-Free, Fully electric and intuitive to use.


Streamlined Workflow

The label printer and applicator is connected to the Kolibri folding machine, creating a complete workflow solution.

This complete solution increases operator efficiency by reducing distractions and allowing the operator to focus on what they’re doing.

When the Folding cycle on the Kolibri is initiated, a label is automatically printed and applied to a bag from the magazine.

The operator only needs to take the bag and use the Kolibri’s semi-automatic bagging function to complete the garment packaging process.

Freely choose your Packaging

Whether you want to use classic polybags, ecological paper bags, or poly-mailers to ship your products directly, or if you are supplied with bags by your clients.

With the powerful Sato CL4NX-Plus print engine, you have complete the freedom to choose not only the size and format of your labels, but also whether to print on blank labels, use pre-printed labels, or a combination of both.

Intuitive and Maintenance-Free

Equipped with a touchscreen that has a modern and intuitive user interface, the Kolibri-IQ-Label is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, even for operators with minimal training.

You can change bags and labels quickly and easily without needing any tools.

The instructions are simple and easy to follow for both general use and troubleshooting.

The Kolibri-IQ-Label’s design is maintenance-free thanks to its linear axis and high-quality components, which are optimized for the textile industry.

Well thought-out Design

The Kolibri-IQ-Label is a well-designed solution that offers the flexibility to adapt to your company’s needs. For instance, you can easily add a PC and monitor for order fulfillment.

Just like the Kolibri folding machine, this module is mobile and has plenty of storage space to store consumables like label rolls and bags.

Energy-Saving design

This module is really energy-efficient thanks to its modern controller, electric vacuum generator, and efficient linear actuator. Plus, it gets rid of the need for an air-assist tube, venturi valves, or pneumatic actuators, which are a known cause of energy-inefficiency in traditional label application systems.

Futureproof investment

At Dekken, we’re here to help you tackle any packaging and labeling obstacles you may face and grow together with you.

The Kolibri-IQ-Label is based on the Dekken IQ-Label and can be repurposed for your future Print&Apply needs when switching to a fully automatic solution involving conveyors, folding machines, or packaging machines.

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