About us

Your specialist in folding solutions for the textile industry

We have over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of textile equipment. This enables us to serve a wide range of customers in a variety of industries.

We design and manufacture highly specialised textile packaging equipment at a reasonable price without compromising on quality. All our products are designed to be low maintenance to keep costs low and uptime high.

Our aim is to give our customers the best possible experience and to ensure that they are happy with their equipment for a long time.

Our Mission

To provide the most reliable, flexible and easy-to-use equipment on the market by thinking outside the box and challenging the current state of the art.

Our Vision

To transform handling, folding, bagging and labelling tasks from a burden to an efficient part of any business, allowing everyone to focus on what they do best.

Our products make businesses around the world more efficient

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All our products are designed to be easy to install. Maintenance costs are very low thanks to our many years of experience, optimised designs and high quality component selection.

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