The T-Stack is a state of the art small piece folding and stacking machine. The T-Stack is primarily designed to process pieces such as napkins, face cloths, bar mops, cleaning mops, kitchen towels, jeans, trousers, pants or any other flat piece with maximum dimensions of 700 x 500mm. The T-Stack can be used as a stand-alone unit or it can be connected to our other packaging equipment to act as a stacking station. The T-Stack is capable of stacking both folded and unfolded garments.

The T-Stack can count, fold, and stack pieces.

The products are fed onto the ergonomic infeed conveyor and folded using a combination of air-blast and two sets of folding belts to achieve high-quality and consistent folding. They can be folded laterally once before being stacked or simply flat-stacked.

Afterward, they are directed towards a high-speed roll-off stacking system, where they are stacked with precision thanks to a linear encoder.

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