Enhance Efficiency with Integrated Automation

Enhance Efficiency with Integrated Automation

Dear Esteemed Customers,

In this edition of the Dekken Machinery Newsletter, we’re excited to introduce a powerful duo that will revolutionize your e-commerce production line. Seamlessly integrating our cutting-edge technologies, the T-Apparel Automatic Folding Machine and the T-Matic 5020 Automated Packaging System work in harmony to streamline your operations and elevate your online retail capabilities.

New Features Designed for You

Developed in close collaboration with our e-commerce customers, these upgrades are designed to further optimize your production line and enhance your e-commerce capabilities.


By combining the precision of the T-Apparel Automatic Folding Machine with the efficiency of the T-Matic 5020 Automated Packaging System, you can create a seamless production line that optimizes every step of your e-commerce process.

  1. Streamlined Workflow: From folding to packaging, our integrated solution eliminates bottlenecks and ensures a smooth, continuous workflow. Say goodbye to manual handling and hello to streamlined efficiency.
  2. Precision Packaging: The T-Apparel Automatic Folding Machine delivers perfectly folded garments directly to the T-Matic 5020, where they are swiftly and accurately packaged for shipment. This precision packaging minimizes errors and enhances the presentation of your products.
  3. Increased Productivity: With automated processes in place, you can significantly increase your production output without sacrificing quality. Meet customer demands promptly and stay ahead of the competition.

Collaboration Drives Innovation

At Dekken Machinery, we believe in the power of collaboration. By working closely with our e-commerce customers, we gain valuable insights into their needs and challenges, allowing us to develop solutions that exceed expectations. The enhancements to the T-Matic 5020 are a testament to this collaborative approach, providing you with a cutting-edge packaging solution tailored to your requirements. 

1. Integrated Sato Label Printer & Applicator: This module can print and apply all common types of labels.
Its integration into the T-Matic-5020 not only makes it super compact but also eliminates the risk of packaged products getting lost or removed during the transfer from the packaging machine to the labeling machine. This is a critical necessity for all E-Commerce activities. 

2. IQ-Press: The maintenance-free IQ-Press permanently removes air from the packaging. This saves volume and enhances the aesthetics of your packages.The IQ-Press is the industry’s first fully electric air extraction press, which reduces energy consumption compared to traditional vacuum or pneumatic solutions and increases production capacity.

3. Polymailer Film: The T-Matic-5020 E-Commerce-Edition allows use of Polymailers film consisting of 100% new Material all the way to 100% recycled Film.


With the enhanced functionality of the T-Matic 5020, you can take your Print-on-demand operations to new heights. From customizable packaging options to advanced quality control features, our automated packaging system is designed to optimize your POD production line and deliver exceptional results.


Ready to experience the future of e-commerce packaging?

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