The high-performance finisher has a modular design and can be optimally assembled and operated for a wide range of performance requirements, thus offering universal application possibilities for all garments, such as: blouses, skirts, dresses, coats, suits, pants, anoraks, children’s clothing, sleepwear, T-shirts, sweatshirts, sportswear, padded apparel, leather clothing, thermal jackets, etc.

The targeted and metered action of steam makes the fibers of the fabrics relaxed and supple. Thereafter, they are treated/finished in accordance with the material by the amount of air, flow velocity and temperature from top to bottom. All parameters are infinitely adjustable. A good finisher result is achieved by individually tailored programming and targeted dosing of finishing parameters affecting the various articles.


Water Spray Module

On request, our tunnelfinishers can be equipped with a separate water spray module mounted in front of the first steam module.

The water spray module is a high-pressure pumping station for fine misting of the dampening water, for pre-treatment of the garment with water spray technology.

The microfine atomized water penetrates into the fibers making them swell easily and malleable.

Steam Module

In the steam modules, the garments absorb enough steam even at high flow rates for very good results. Also for articles made of natural fibers.

Finish Module

The new tunnelfinisher generation uses the direct airflow method. In contrast to conventional radial fans, cross-flow fans are used and ensure a uniformly good finish.

Transport System

The functional reliability in everyday operations is largely determined by the design of the transport system.

The tunnelfinisher has succeeded in combining the advantages of optimum finishing technology with an exceptionally flexible, safe and robust conveyor system.


Graphical color touchscreen user interface with extensive information and self-explanatory user guidance.

The following values can be set optimally:

  • Power
  • Steam
  • Air
  • Temperature
  • Fan Quantity


  • Maintenance-free steam nozzles

  • Full mineral insulation

  • Universal customer-specific planning into existing systems possible (flexible transport system)

  • Hanging distance selectable in 15cm increments

  • Nano-coated surfaces in the steam chambers make cleaning easy

  • Powerful cross-flow fan for even treatment of the products

  • Low power and energy consumption

  • Passage height about 2m (eg for evening dresses)

  • Intelligent energy-saving system – an automatic shutdown of the steam sprayer and throttling of the fan power in standby mode

  • Serviceability – easy access to all elements that require regular maintenance or cleaning (large and accurate closing, magnetic service doors allow easy access to lint filters, heaters, blowers, steam valves, steam traps, and pressure regulators).

  • Insulation – mechanical separation of the hot inner areas of the housing by means of high-tech insulation material -> low heat transfer.

Technical specificationsTF-11TF-12TF-13TF-113TF-24TF-35
Lenght Tunnelfinisher [cm]2804205607008401260
Lenght including conveyor [cm]50064078092010601480
Width [cm]858585858585
Flow width [cm] 262626262626
Steam jet rows [pcs.]101010102030
Steam consumption in standby-operation [kg/h]304050607080
Steam consumption during operation [kg/h]140150160180300420
Air consumption [l/min]151515151515
Air circulation finishing module [m³/h]60001200018000180002400036000
Voltage (50Hz) [V]400400400400400400
Electrical connecting value incl. conveyor [kW]4,306,508,7010,9012,0015,30
Ø Capacity – depending on the material [parts/h]6008001000110016002200