Compacta 5022 Trend

The film packaging machine series Compacta is suitable for fully automatic packaging. Working in line, these light barrier-controlled packaging machines can be fed both manually and fully automatically. In the film packaging machine, in connection with a half-tubular film, a three-sided welded packaging is produced.

With the sophisticated packaging system and the associated feeding systems top performances of up to 60 cycles per minute are possible. By means of permanently heated welding systems, all commercially available films, from polyethylene to polyolefin and PVC films, can be processed in this film packaging machine series. In combination with polyolefin film and the BVM cutting knife, the finest weld seams can be produced by the film packaging machine.

The changeover of the packaging machine via handwheels with a format list storable in the touch panel is simple, as the equipment includes a format data memory. This guarantees short changeover times for the film packaging machine as well as high production reliability. The Compacta Trend is available with a welding width of 500mm for the format range up to 450mm.

Feeding systems and accessories

Foil folding device as space-saving version
Foil folding trestle
Suction sliding investors
Rubberized take-off rolls
Pusher with product

Technical specifications
Approx. format range: (Prod. width + Prod. height)450 mm17.7 in
Seal width500 mm19.6 in
Passage height220 mm8.6 in
Film width650/650 mm25.5/25.6 in
PerformanceUp to 60l/min15.8 gal